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CEO Message | Spring 2024

Remai Modern Leadership Team

Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh

Co-Executive Director & CEO


Michelle Jacques

Director of Exhibitions and Collections/Chief Curator

Lyndon Linklater in a brightly coloured ribbon shirt
Lyndon J Linklater

Indigenous Relations Advisor

Kelly Van Damme
Kelly Van Damme

Head of Learning and Engagement

Candace Schierling

Director of Marketing & Communications

Keegan McShane
Keegan McShane

Director of Finance

Alvin Claypool

Human Resources Business Partner

Matthew Little

Director of Operations

Board of Directors

Doug Matheson, Chair

Robin Chapman, Vice Chair

Roy Anderson

Councillor Bev Dubois

Councillor Sarina Gersher

Candice Grant

Terri Lemke

Véronique Loewen

Sean Makahonuk

Clint Neufeld

Kristi Ross

Cheryl Thorson

Rheana Worme