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Picasso: Becoming the Faun Exhibition Opening

Picasso: Becoming the Faun is a multifaceted exhibition that features works from Remai Modern’s collection and new artist projects that touch on themes of transformation and becoming. The exhibition opens with performances by Alasdair Rees and Darren Miller.

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Connect Gallery

A writer and artist based in Saskatoon, Alasdair Rees weaves poetry into compelling performance and moving-image works. His project, Duet, incorporates text, performance and objects. He combines references from video games, art history, literature and mythology to explore themes of transformation, growth and the formation of identity.

Darren Miller is a composer and musician living and working in Saskatoon. His work embraces both conventional instrumentation and its extension through the use of technology. Commissioned specifically for the exhibition, in nostalgia and in light is a four-channel digital sound composition that evolves gradually over the course of the entire exhibition. Miller will launch his new composition at the exhibition opening with Véronique Mathieu and a string quartet performing on the University of Saskatchewan’s Amati instruments.

June 2, 2023 at 8:00PM