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We’re bringing art to you!

To spark creativity, these projects are designed to be done at home with simple materials for any level of artist. Thank you SaskTel for supporting another season of artmaking at Remai Modern.

A photo of a collage craft work in progress
Art Miles – Collage & Beyond

Explore how to build or supplement a supply of materials for collage and other art projects, at little or no cost, by salvaging things that are destined for recycling or discarding.

Red Miniature photobooth activity example
Sara Cwynar-Inspired Mini Photo Booth Activity

Inspired by artist Sara Cwynar, we will create a mini photo booth by combining collage and sculpture.

Various blue glass objects arranged on a table
Art Miles – Create Your Own Museum Collection

Art museums like Remai Modern build, maintain and exhibit extensive collections of art. This episode of Art Miles explores ideas for collecting at home.

Thelma Pepper collage activity example
Thelma Pepper-Inspired Collage Portrait Activity

Have you ever met a person and wanted to know their life story? In this tutorial, we’ll make a collage portrait by choosing a person to act as the subject and adding objects and a location that are special to them.

textures and patterns
Art Miles – Texture & Patterns

In this video, get inspired by guessing what created the textures and patterns in each of the 20 images.

Shuvinai Ashoona colouring activity
Shuvinai Ashoona-Inspired Fantastical Collage Drawing

Inspired by the whimsical, dreamlike work of Shuvinai Ashoona, we’ll be creating a fantastical collage that will become the reference point for a drawing.

Cardboard Cabinet of a variety of objects
Art Miles – Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities is a display of interesting objects in a cabinet. In this episode of Art Miles, learn how to make a miniature display cabinet using an old box and scraps of card stock.

Eli Bornstein – Inspired Colour Magic

This activity is inspired by Saskatoon artist Eli Bornstein’s use of colour and light.

Miniature birchbark canoe example
Birchbark and Paper Basket Making

Birch bark is a pliable material that lends itself well to a variety of purposes, including making baskets. Don’t have access to birch bark? Try this activity with paper or card stock.

An image of a hand craft made from foil and foam core
Wally Dion-Inspired Embossed Foil Drawing Activity

We are making art with an unconventional material that you probably already have in a kitchen drawer at home: aluminum foil!

Abstract artwork created using water and markers
Art Miles – How to get the most out of your markers

Learn easy, cost-effective and intriguing ways to extend the lifespan of water-soluble markers. As you’ll see, there is so much art left in dry markers!

Lawren Harris Pop up card example
Lawren Harris Pop-Up Card Activity

This pop-up card is inspired by Lawren Harris’s Untitled (mountains near Jasper), with a background of sky and a few wispy clouds.