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Pae White: Lucky Charms

2014. 165 neon, transformers, electrical wire. Remai Modern Collection, purchased with the support of the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation, 2017.

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Level 2/3 Staircase

Pae White, < L3U~. > C≈K¥◊CHΔRMS‡ (Lucky Charms), Installation view 2017. Photo Blaine Campbell

Conceived of as a form of light-therapy to offset Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Pae White’s installation simulates the effects of daylight in one of Remai Modern’s interior stairwells. The neon motifs in White’s piece formally reference ornamental patterns of a mythical magic carpet. For each iteration of this piece, White uses a unique design software to configure the elements to new architectural constraints. <L3U~.>C≈K¥◊CH∆RMS‡ is characteristic of White’s conceptual approach to depicting the contemporary condition. The piece references our unmitigated ability to directly manipulate the conditions of our environment—despite any physical or material parameters.